IP Casino ‘Find Yourself’

How do you stand apart from the competition in a crowded Biloxi casino market? This was our challenge with IP Casino Resort Spa. The answer was to create a brand personality unlike anything the casino market has seen to date. 

It all started with the thought, “What if there was another ‘you,’ a more fun you?” Literally. And he or she liked to go out and get a little wild at times. So, we’ve created a fully integrated campaign showing the consumers’ other selves having a blast at IP. Tactics include TV, outdoor, print, interactive, social media like Facebook and Twitter, in-casino elements, airport kiosks, and more. 

To bring the idea full circle, we use the tagline, “Find Yourself At IP.” The playful attitude and high production values help communicate IP’s new brand positioning. The design uses clean neon graphics that not only create a fresh identity, it avoids the category cliché – people smiling, jumping up and down, holding a fistful of cash. Altogether, the campaign creates a distinctive brand for IP in a market notorious for abundant and indistinguishable advertising.